To everyone who has stumbled across this blog I say welcome! My name is Jake, and I created this blog back in 2011. I had some aspirations of writing some profound stuff on here (don’t all bloggers?). It was only a few weeks ago that I found my old confirmation email buried in my inbox and I remembered, “Oh yeah! I was going to blog once upon a time!” So here I am.

This blog will be a hodgepodge of things that interest me. If others find them interesting or insightful then I’m glad, but otherwise I think this is just what I need to do in order to get my thoughts out of my head and into the world. I am planning on posting at least once a week, and if I can get into a rhythm maybe more often. Some of the topics I will be writing about in this blog include:


I’m obsessed with different methods of staying productive and getting work done so I will post some of my ideas and methods here.


Recently I have become something of a minimalist. Getting rid of possessions I don’t use, need, or want is a freeing experience. Sites like Becoming Minimalist and The Minimalists have inspired me quite a bit and I plan to share my thoughts on my own journey towards minimalism.


Journaling is something that I have come to appreciate over the years. I have kept a journal off and on for about 4 years now and just recently have gotten back into it with the help of sites like Journaling Saves.


I may occasionally do reviews or impressions of media I have consumed recently. This includes books, TV, movies, music, and other forms of media.


I am a gamer. I love all types of games from video games to card and board games to role playing games. I may occasionally have a nerdgasm about one of those topics. ;D

General Nerdy Things-

I am a huge nerd and if something catches my eye or peaks my interest I will do my best to share it here.

Look for my first post in a day or two!! In the meantime check out the “About Me” page. It will give you a little background on my life and where I’m coming from.


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