5 Phone Numbers You Should Always Have In Your Contacts

If you are like me you use your phone all the time. And whether you have a smart phone or a “dumb” phone you are going to end up calling people and businesses around where you live. If you are new to an area, or even if you have lived there all your life there are certain phone numbers you should keep in your phone contacts. Not only does this eliminate looking them up online or in the phone book (does anyone still use those?), but it also can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Here are five phone numbers you should always have stored in your contacts:

1-Local/State Police: Although these numbers are no substitute for the speed of 911, they can still be valuable to have. Not only can you report crimes via these numbers, but they also may provide information about ongoing alerts (amber alerts, etc) and state programs. For example the State police post in my area does a controlled medication collection where people can drop of their controlled medications (such as Vicodin or Xanax) for disposal.

2-Towing Services: Whether it’s the deer that jumped out and made you swerve off the road or the black ice that sent you skidding (Michigan remember), you will most likely need a tow truck to pull you out off a tough situation. Having the number handy will mean they can be there that much faster.

3-Locksmith- Similar to the tow truck, the locksmith is a lifesaver when you lock your keys in your car. It beats using a coat hanger to try and open the door.

4-Takeout Restaurants- Your friendly neighborhood (insert favorite cuisine here) takeout is a must have for your contacts list. Whether you are ordering sushi for a working lunch at the office, or just want to indulge in some Chinese food while sitting at home in your underwear with these numbers you can make lunch a fast and easy operation.

5-Your Pharmacy-After working in a pharmacy for almost two years I can say with certainty that pharmacists are very smart people. Sometimes they know more about medications than a doctor. You pharmacy can give you access to information about any medications you may be on, allow you to refill prescriptions on the go, or answer general health questions.

If you have any phone numbers that you find useful to have please feel free to post in the comments telling us what they are and why they come in handy!


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