Friends for the Friendless

A couple months ago I had almost 300 Facebook friends. Not a lot compared to some people I know, but 300 was still enough to keep me busy. Reading statuses, denying and blocking requests to play games, and rolling my eyes at the “copy and paste this!!” nonsense took up a bunch of my time during the day. Facebook can be aptly be described as a time sucker, and I realized that many of my “friends” I probably wouldnt come into contact with again, or had simply moved on with their lives.

So I purged my Facebook account. In the course of about a week I unfriended nearly half of my connections on Facebook, paring it down to my family, close friends, and a few other people I wanted to keep tabs on. I was satisfied (and still am by the way). Then a strange thing happened. I logged on after my purge and a new button had appeared on my profile: Find Friends.

This got me thinking. Has Facebook and social media gotten so out of hand that even with 150 “friends” we still dont feel like our social circle is complete. Is Facebook training us to believe that unless we have an arbitrary number of connections that our lives are somehow lacking? I am up to 170 friends on Facebook now since the purge, and carefully weigh each new connection before I confirm it. But the button is still there….

170 people and Facebook still isn’t satisfied. What do you think? Am I overreacting here? Or is this a sign of a subtle change in our culture that has taken place since the advent of social media and the “age of connectivity?”


3 thoughts on “Friends for the Friendless

  1. I deleted my Facebook account a few months back. I had I think 287 friends, and these were all people (except for about 4) that I met and knew offline.

    What I got tired of was the constant stream of information- it keeps us too connected to each other, so we are constantly seeking more and more updates, replies and likes. It’s called FOMO (the fear of missing out) where you constantly seek stimulation and information, through texts or online. I just couldn’t take it anymore! I miss connecting with my friends overseas, but that’s about it.

    1. I agree with you there. The constant information overloads your brain. I figure that life is stressful enough without steeping yourself everyone else’s drama.

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