Battling Boredom and Being a Steward

At some point in our lives we have all said it: “I’m bored.”

There are times when there seems to be nothing to do, or the things that do present themselves seem incredibly uninteresting. I regret to say I have wasted and still do waste way too much time being bored. When you are bored you try to fill that empty time with sedentary entertainment such as TV or video games, food (generally of the unhealthy kind), and unproductive time wasters like Facebook. I am guilty of doing all those things. But as a minimalist, and as a person who is genuinely interested in improving my life, I have to say enough.

We are all stewards. Stewards of the time that is given to us, the talents we have, the bodies we inhabit, and the resources we use. If we make light of our stewardship and waste the things we are supposed to be caring for what good are our lives? More specifically related to boredom, if we allow ourselves to become bored we are wasting the time given to us. There are so many things of interest in the world, so many things to learn, experience, and feel that it is foolishness to succumb to the lazy trap of boredom.

I have experimented with the idea of a “boredom list” before, but I think I will begin one in earnest. Here is my idea. Take things that you have always wanted to do or read or watch and write them down. Create a list of things that you may not have the time or inclination to do everyday, but still interest you even remotely. This Boredom List will soon fill up with things that you can pull out when you feel boredom creeping up on you. Take my list as an example when building your own.

My Boredom List (So Far):

  1. Watch The Joy of Mathematics
  2. Watch Games People Play (about game theory)
  3. Write a blog post (like this one).
  4. Write in my journal.
  5. Listen to a podcast or audiobook while I (insert task here)
  6. Take a walk.
  7. Read an educational or nonfiction book (Art of War, philosophy, poetry)
  8. Meditate
  9. Exercise

These are just a few examples of some of the things that you can add to your boredom list. When you are done with them cross them off the list. Or better yet, make a second list called a “Victory List.” Write on this list all the things that you did to defeat boredom. Not only will it give you the satisfaction of seeing how you have bettered yourself and defeated boredom, but it will be a record and reminder to yourself to be a good steward of your time.


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