Any Questions?

I love questions. I love asking them, and answering them too. Questions are how the human race learns. We ask questions about the universe, about God, about the origin of things, the purpose of things, the goal of life. Questions help us find what we like to do. They are tools for building relationships, and expanding our understanding beyond our own small communities. Questions are hard to ask sometimes, and the answer isn’t always apparent. It has to be worked for. Sometimes the answer is itself another question.

Sadly, many people today don’t ask questions. Sure they might ask, “Are you going to that party tonight?!” or make some rhetorical remark like, “Why doesn’t someone do something about that?” But fewer and fewer people are asking the tough questions. The good questions. They are content to let others do the learning, the finding, and the growing.

By not asking questions and searching hard for the answers, you build around yourself a wall of not only ignorance but willful disregard for the world happening all around you. Active questioning is the first step to achieving anything in life. Asking challenges the status quo, and the struggle for answers leads you to new and better things. Just as the knowledge we have today was built upon the basic answers to questions asked many years ago, who knows what grand things might one day emerge from the results of your one question?

So the next time you read something in a magazine, see a news report, experience a natural phenomenon, are stumped by a math problem, wonder about your purpose in life, see or hear something you don’t understand, or simply have a little extra time on your hands, don’t put that question in the back of your mind. Say it out loud. Bring it to the front of your thoughts. Do research, find sources, experiment, and search hard for that answer.

You will be a better person and the world will be a better place because of it.


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