Moving More!

Human beings were designed to move. We were given muscles and appendages for a reason. We are meant to walk, run, leap, hustle, stretch, and be active. Just today I walked 4 miles. For a seasoned walker/jogger that isn’t very much, but for me it represented quite a distance. Much of my life for the past couple years has been movement confining. At work I only have a small work area to move around in with little chance to stretch, run , or lift do any meaningful exercise. I work on school or this blog at the computer, and many of my hobbies (such as gaming and reading) are sedentary as well.

Using sites such as SuperBetter, I am trying to get more active and get my body moving. After all your muscles are just like any machine. If you don’t use and maintain them they get rusty. daily motion can also have a huge positive benefit to your health and well being. It can help you lose weight, decrease the chances of diseases, and increase your strength and energy levels. For example after I got back from my walk I felt great. I had been feeling very dopey all morning but the exercise stimulated my heart rate and got my blood pumping. The fresh air was invigorating and helped my wake up.

Right now I am making a commitment to move more whether it be walking, jogging, a game of basketball, or simply stretching. I invite anyone to make this commitment with me. It doesn’t have to be much to start with. Just dedicating 15 or 30 minutes a day to moving more. Believe me, you will find that it will benefit you much more than watching TV or surfing the internet for cat videos.

Let me know in the comments what you think, or if you’ve decided to make a commitment to moving more!


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