Making Summer Your Own

I just recently left my job. I am still going to be an employee there (I have a good understanding with my boss), but I am taking the summer off for me. This is something I needed. I liked where I work. The people are great and the pay is reasonable, but the stress and hassle of the job was not what I wanted to remember from this summer.

I want this summer to be about swimming with my girlfriend. Going for walks. Stargazing. Having fun with friends. Vacations to exciting places.

Is there something holding you back from doing what you want this summer? I realize that not everyone has the luxury of quitting work, but there are still things you can do in order to ensure that your summer doesn’t fall by the wayside.

  1. Spend time with the people you love.
  2. Enjoy activities only available in the warmer months (going to the beach, barbecuing, sunbathing, etc.)
  3. Take pleasure in the small things (a cold drink, the sunset, a bonfire with friends)
  4. Make it a priority to go somewhere new or experience a new activity.
  5. Harness the excitement of summer to do something that you have been putting off.

As I said, summer may not be all fun and games. Bills still have to be paid, and life’s issues don’t stop coming at you. But if you can take the right attitude towards summer, you can make it a time for new experiences, people you love, and things you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you have any other things that you do to enjoy the summer, please comment below!


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