Things You Should Never Tell Yourself #3: I Have No Potential

According to Mirriam-Websters potential is something that is “existing in possibility” or “capable of development into actuality.” Put another way, potential is the as yet unformed future consequences of our actions today. Do you consider yourself to have potential? More importantly, do you see yourself as the actuator of that potential, the one who develops it and achieves it?

Every one is born with potential. Granted some do have more than others. For example I remember hearing a commentator on the last summer olympics discussing how Michael Phelps was such a good swimmer because of many physical factors. Michael Phelps potential as a swimmer (which he achieved) far exceeds my own. And frankly you will always find someone who has more potential than you in a certain area, whether it be because of  natural talents, a matter of situation, money, etc. Those disparities in personal potential cannot be helped. That’s life. But what gets on my nerves the most is when people sell themselves short and deny their potential.

You may not be a super-athlete or a math genius, but God still gave you a brain didn’t He? He gave you a body with which to do good things, learn, grow, and impact the world with, didn’t He? Your mind and your body are things which are changeable. Knowledge and wisdom can be learned. The body can be trained and taught. It is hard work certainly, but all the things worth having take hard work to achieve.

When you sell yourself short and deny your potential you have already lost. You have consigned yourself to a life of drudgery, working a dead end job, living paycheck to paycheck, staying in damaging relationships, never surrounding yourself with things that are bright and good. Does that really seem like the life you want?

As I said before, potential is the unformed future. Our actions each day are constantly changing our potential, either for good or bad. So are you striving to reach and exceed your potential each day? Did you do your absolute best on your paper for school? Did you go to work with a good attitude? Have you grown in your relationships today? Did you bring some good into the world that wasn’t there before?

Don’t say It’s Too Hard!

Don’t say I Can’t Change!

Make every day count. Learn something. Do something good for someone. Create something. Grow your relationships with God and your fellow man.

Improve yourself every day and you will find that you have blown far past the potential you thought you had. You have, in fact, transcended potential. Because our true potential cannot really be known until the day we die. The day when we must look back at our life and be weighed and measured. And I don’t want to be found wanting.


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