Back at School

Well break is over, and it’s time to travel back to the realm of academia. This semester if you are heading back to school, or simply going back to your daily work or home life it is important to remember to take advantage of opportunities as they come. We are only able to live each day once.

Lately I have been struggling to keep up my regular journal entries. Perhaps it is because on break my life closes in and leaves little time or energy for personal reflection. In order to fix this issue I am going to try an experiment to see if regular scheduled times will help improve my writings.

This goes for not only my journal but this blog as well. So for the next seven days I will spend each evening starting at 5:30 writing in my blog and my journal both. The next week may be full of posts that are short or long, introspective or meaningless, good and bad. I think this is a necessary step to improve my writing so you will have to forgive me for the sloppiness of the next week entries.



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