The People Person

I’ve always been impressed by those who can remember names and connect them with specific faces. For me I can usually only remember one or the other, and generally can’t retain any sort of personal information about someone. I’m just not a “people person.” This can be a problem, and I can foresee complications when I begin my career in the field of marketing. Since marketing is a very people oriented field I need to find some way to increase my recall of names and faces and hopefully some personal information about the many people I meet.

In order to do this I am going to start using Evernote Hello. This app, made by the Evernote Corporation (duh), is designed to take your daily encounters with people and allow you to enter their name, photo (if they aren’t camera shy) and some facts about them into your phone. this way you can keep track of everyone you meet and where you met them and review it as needed. The ratings for the app are not high, however, so I dont know how this little experiment will turn out. But it’s a start right?

Another method I thought of was simply to carry a small notebook with me and record the information I had learned and people I had met as soon as I had free time. A low tech, no pictures version of Evernote’s app.

Does anyone have any other ideas of ways to boost face-to-name recall? If so please leave your comments below!


2 thoughts on “The People Person

  1. Pop

    Don’t know to what extent rote memorization by repetition is recommended by today’s educators, but it was a nearly universal technique during my school days; and later in career
    technical courses almost essential.

    For people and names, you might verbally use the person’s (first) name during the initial encounter and mentally a few times later during the following 10 minutes while bringing to mind at those times the face of the person,and a linked response, simple, immediate, even visceral that you have to that face/person. Repetition you see. Simultaneous visualization, auditory input, and emotional “tagging” of the bit-file you wish to store in the little grey cells. (note the extensive mental training this actor brings
    to his professional effort with magnificently enjoyable results)

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