S*** Colored Glasses

When I took my required psychology course a few years back my professor told a story about a man he said had “shit-colored glasses.” He told this story to emphasize the idea that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. By having this disgustingly skewed and tinted view of the world and everything that happened to him, the man with the shit colored glasses reacted negatively to whatever came his way. Always taking the pessimistic side and reflecting on the worst aspects of situations, his life reflected the nature of the lense through which he saw the world. In other words: it was shitty.

Now the opposite of this extreme, the more commonly recognized “rose-colored glasses”, is descriptive of someone who always sees the good in everything and is overly optimistic. They think things are more pleasant than they really are. While this type of outlook on life is not as destructive as the former one, it can still be dangerous. If you don’t take into account the negatives in life you can never adequately prepare for them. If you are constantly overlooking the flaws and bad things in your relationships you can become trapped and ignorant of the greater truth.

So what color of glasses do you see life through? are you always focusing on the negative and reacting in detrimental ways? Are you too optimistic and don’t take decisive action when needs call for it? Obviously most people fall somewhere in between these two categories, but I think it is good to bring to mind every now and then the fact that our attitude towards and reactions to life have a huge impact on our happiness and the outcome of our lives here on earth.


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