That Kind of Girl


She is the kind of girl

Who, when you call her yours, won’t hesitate

To remind you what a catch you’ve landed.

Making a fish face for only you to see.


She is the sort of girl

Who wears sunglasses all winter

On top of her head as an emblem

Of summer, hoping for its return,

An amulet invoking warmer days.


She is the type of girl who thinks

Nature exists just for her.

She shares it with you out of

Pity and a need for a boost into

Oak trees.


She is that manner of girl, grabbing

Your right hand and pulling

You into the center of the dance floor.

She left her chagrin at the coat check.


To find her, to go a little insane, to celebrate as one, to

Fumble words of comfort,

Soak up tears both sad and joyful,

You would laugh; hope; climb; dance forever if she wants you

Together against the world.

Because you are that kind of guy.