This Cake is Not a Lie

Traditionally it was chocolate on chocolate for me
Chocolate and coffee for my father.
Mother always made both icings from scratch
Reading from stained tattered recipe cards.
The chocolate was simple: butter, cocoa, sugar, milk
Finishing the rich, silky mixture with vanilla.
Coffee is harder to get right; you need practice and patience
Along with a strong pot of the bitter black.
One day I’ll ask her about her methods, and copy the faded
Handwriting that holds one of the secrets of youth.
The secret that sweet chocolate and strong coffee on a cake
Can remind me so much of home.


5 thoughts on “This Cake is Not a Lie

  1. Pop

    Yes it is good cake and an evocative poem. The smell of fresh, moist chocolate combined with robust coffee has made my days since Grandmother’s time. Glad it means so much to you too!

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