Untouched Morning

I think of thick, dark cloud formations
Blooming in the murky dawn,
Unfurling beneath each step
As I slip inside the still glass of this virgin lake.
Her cold touch chases speech and breath,
Crystalized from my tightened chest.
Silt plumes settle after my
Passing from the shore as the seamless water opens
Her depths to welcome me. I exhale a final puff
Which the morning sun soon dissolves
While it illuminates my last, vanishing ripple.


Untitled 4

Met with the sight of my deathly home, these red eyes

Loosed a stream of ruddy clay tears

My saddest fears poured down cheek and sank

Into the slime of a stream bed slowly drying in the sun.

An Unreasonable List


I fed another story into hungry mouths

It tastes like progress, they said, unknowing

The intent behind the seasoning of my words

Inherent contradictions, to keep them coming back for more.


You didn’t accept this token of my admiration

Unasked for but secretly wanting, you railed

Against my sincere offering, and demand

Another presented on the edge of a blade

Which even you can’t walk upon.


I have read an allegory of a mountain and a valley

Where one was worn way

Down to dredge the other up until

Both became a baseless waste

Which jackals roamed and people feared.


I saw some children exclude another for a shameful slight

Until his lesson was learned he could not play

With the other boys and girls, who turned

And continued beating a woman with stones

Inscribed with ‘Happiness’.


I am Tree-choice, Past-less, and Poly-Chromatic, intent on pulling the

Only rug in this house out from under my jack-boots

If I pull hard enough I’ll flip around and land on my feet again

Although there is a problem, because

I am now smothered by what was just keeping my floor clean.