Moving Along…

I’ve been doing some thinking lately about this blog and what I want to do with it. I first started it with the intention of writing about minimalism and the philosophy and beliefs behind it. Minimalism is a great way to live life, and although I still believe in it I am not so sure that the focus of this blog is going to remain there. There are so many great minimalist blogs and writers out there and most do it better than me.

I never intended this blog to be a money maker for me, and I didn’t have any expectations of wide readership (although I am very grateful for all my readers!). But my writing interests are shifting away from minimalism and productivity. Too often I find myself writing posts that are too trite for my liking. I want and need to explore the breadth of my writing potential, and minimalism is too small a topic for that.

So, hopefully starting soon, I will be reworking this blog to give a different feel. I will still write about minimalism from time to time and I still think its a great philosophy. I’ll keep my old posts and pages. But the focus will be different. Post types and lengths will change. This is a new year! 2013 holds great things in store for me I am sure and I want to be able to write about them all and share them here.

Another thing I hope to do is become more active in looking at and interacting with other writers. Too often I have hit the “follow” button out of reciprocation and not actually taken the time to see what everyone contributes to this hobby/lifestyle called blogging.

Hopefully you, my readers, aren’t disappointed by this change, and I ask that you stick around to see whats in store. I’m certain it will be great!


Can I Ask a Favor?

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to ask you all a favor quickly. Currently in my Social Product Innovation class at school I am working on a project involving grocery stores, cooking, and nutrition. The project is at a stage where I need some additional research. If you wouldn’t mind, would you please take the following short survey? It would be a huge help to me!

Thanks again!

A new post should be going up this weekend!!

The Silent Relationships

An interesting thought occurred to me the other day while I was on the bus going to class. I was sitting next to a woman and due to the large number of people riding that day it was cramped and everyone had to squeeze as best they could. This closeness, which broke down the personal space bubble that is the norm in American society, got me thinking. What if there are some people who feel so alone that even the short time of being on the bus next to someone, feeling their leg touching yours, was comforting to them?

The intimacy of relationships with others isn’t something we think about often, but when we hug a friend, shake a hand, or give a friendly punch on the shoulder to a buddy we are engaging in an intimate act. Each time we do that it can strengthen a bond and these types of interactions make us feel appreciated and loved. But what about people who feel cut off from the rest of the world? Do they take these intimate acts for granted too or do they even experience them at all? Does something as simple as a bus ride with a familiar face or a interaction with someone at a grocery store mean so much more to them?

Some people (notably the elderly) often shop at the same store for the majority of their needs even if that place doesn’t offer the best service or have the best prices. Many times it is the (perceived) relationship that that person has with the stores employees that keeps them coming back. To those men and women shopping is not just a chore, but a social experience where they can see people they know and feel the kind of intimacy that we all crave. These are often the silent relationships, the ones that people take pleasure and comfort in without the other person knowing.

This may sound creepy, and it can be taken too far, but is it really that far out of the ordinary? Stopping after work at a gas station and being recognized and acknowledged by the attendant. Enjoying your co-workers talking (but not complaining) about their kids or their family. Saying hello or a quick word of thanks to the janitor. Everyday occurrences to us but to someone else it might have a deeper impact.

Do you know anyone like this? Maybe they don’t have many friends or they are dealing with depression or some other emotional issue. Sometimes we are all guilty of treating them as an annoyance and trying to distance ourselves. I’m not saying that you have to go out of your way to cater to someone’s  every whim or try and fix their lives, but a simple act of kindness, or the effort to make them a familiar, friendly acquaintance can go a long way. We all see our relationships in different ways and I think if we considered the value that other people derive from a relationship it would do us good. Instead of considering in a selfish way what you can get out of it, try and be a person who gives in your relationships. You may just find that you mean more to the other person than you realized, or even the other way around.

I’m not really even sure where I was going with this post to be honest, but it has been rolling around in my brain for a while now and I thought I would get it out and published. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I just insane? Well maybe don’t answer that last question. 😉 Leave a comment below with any thoughts or comments!