The Good Sailor

The pitted white stones
Rise from the waves of the earth
Spines upon the back of a great serpent
Disguised as hills
Slithering through the fog and
Imparting the chill of its cold scales
In rough scraping over skin.

I walked that serpent’s back when they fed him
To the sea-stone tomb, a place
Built for the dead, by those
Who still care about
Preserving shells, hulls, and bird eggs
After they’ve broken.

I watched as it swallowed his vessel
After he had disembarked.
A ship without a pilot soon rots
Its timbers splintering, sails flagging
Grey veils rustling
In the endless, becalming wind.

There is an old riddle about such places
“The one who needs it doesn’t know he needs it.”
But in truth he really didn’t need it
He had sailed all his journey’s waters
Slew his sea-monsters
Found treasure. Found a port, drank.
Lost all his money. Moved on. Repeat.

A good sailor.

Now that sea serpent disguised
Had consumed the ship at last
Little knowing that it has missed its chance.
He had passed on to new seas of
Sliding, dark water and dancing starlight.
Rippling waves, and daybreak on the
Other side

He didn’t need it, but for some reason
We did and do.

I looked on its bloated carcass,
Where his and so many other ships
Lay in its gut.
Some were like his, having carried cargo to foreign lands
Others wrecked early, capsized in the midst of the sea
Broached and leaking from battle or being
Run aground.

Know that we need it
Because we need maps and
And portents
As we turn back to
Our own ship’s logs and charts
Plotting a little more carefully the course
Sandbars marked, storms avoided
“Here there be monsters.”
I won’t worry about that old serpent
Its timing is horrible
If one steers true
Runs a tight ship
With every scrap of sail hoisted
And bow pointed towards an undiscovered shore.


New Blog in the Works

Hello everyone, I just wanted to write up a quick note here to announce that I am starting a new blog! I am not abandoning this one, and I will still post personal things here (more regularly than I have been). No, my new blog is a completely different venture. It will deal with businesses and start-up firms in the area where I am living. More info will be coming as I get the blog set up and create some initial posts.

The Personal Manifesto

Holy wow its been a long time since I posted! My apologies friends, I did not foresee my writing apathy would extend beyond my schoolwork. It is a depressing feeling being so sick of writing papers, book reports, and target market summaries that it affects my passion for my other writing projects.

Thankfully now I am done with school for the summer, and I have many ambitious plans for spending my time. First of all I’m going to start posting more on this blog. Although my recent writing inclinations have leaned towards the political and religious I will spare everyone the task of slogging through those types of posts. I think that the work I do in that vein will be mostly for myself, a way of getting my thoughts in order and bringing in references and a sense of concreteness to my ideology.

To me the concept of a manifesto is one I associate with Communism or hippies trying to “fight the system, man”. But now that I think about it, I don’t think there are enough manifestos out there. Not the kind that you print out at Kinko’s and hand out on your local college campus, but a more personal document. A list of your beliefs, views, and hopes for the future.

When you are forced to write down what you believe and find support for it, you begin to get a better grasp of your own thought processes and ca match up new information with what you hold to be true. Part of the reason that I think so many people today are adrift in the ocean of their own lives is that they don’t know what to believe or why to believe it. Everything is based on emotion; it’s about what makes them feel good at the moment.

Maybe I will share this document here when it is finished, but the primary motivation is personal. I don’t intend to convince anyone with this document or start any debates. I think of it as an exploration in rhetoric, a research project, and above all a statement of personal doctrine.

Wish me luck!