The Personal Manifesto

Holy wow its been a long time since I posted! My apologies friends, I did not foresee my writing apathy would extend beyond my schoolwork. It is a depressing feeling being so sick of writing papers, book reports, and target market summaries that it affects my passion for my other writing projects.

Thankfully now I am done with school for the summer, and I have many ambitious plans for spending my time. First of all I’m going to start posting more on this blog. Although my recent writing inclinations have leaned towards the political and religious I will spare everyone the task of slogging through those types of posts. I think that the work I do in that vein will be mostly for myself, a way of getting my thoughts in order and bringing in references and a sense of concreteness to my ideology.

To me the concept of a manifesto is one I associate with Communism or hippies trying to “fight the system, man”. But now that I think about it, I don’t think there are enough manifestos out there. Not the kind that you print out at Kinko’s and hand out on your local college campus, but a more personal document. A list of your beliefs, views, and hopes for the future.

When you are forced to write down what you believe and find support for it, you begin to get a better grasp of your own thought processes and ca match up new information with what you hold to be true. Part of the reason that I think so many people today are adrift in the ocean of their own lives is that they don’t know what to believe or why to believe it. Everything is based on emotion; it’s about what makes them feel good at the moment.

Maybe I will share this document here when it is finished, but the primary motivation is personal. I don’t intend to convince anyone with this document or start any debates. I think of it as an exploration in rhetoric, a research project, and above all a statement of personal doctrine.

Wish me luck!


Moving Along…

I’ve been doing some thinking lately about this blog and what I want to do with it. I first started it with the intention of writing about minimalism and the philosophy and beliefs behind it. Minimalism is a great way to live life, and although I still believe in it I am not so sure that the focus of this blog is going to remain there. There are so many great minimalist blogs and writers out there and most do it better than me.

I never intended this blog to be a money maker for me, and I didn’t have any expectations of wide readership (although I am very grateful for all my readers!). But my writing interests are shifting away from minimalism and productivity. Too often I find myself writing posts that are too trite for my liking. I want and need to explore the breadth of my writing potential, and minimalism is too small a topic for that.

So, hopefully starting soon, I will be reworking this blog to give a different feel. I will still write about minimalism from time to time and I still think its a great philosophy. I’ll keep my old posts and pages. But the focus will be different. Post types and lengths will change. This is a new year! 2013 holds great things in store for me I am sure and I want to be able to write about them all and share them here.

Another thing I hope to do is become more active in looking at and interacting with other writers. Too often I have hit the “follow” button out of reciprocation and not actually taken the time to see what everyone contributes to this hobby/lifestyle called blogging.

Hopefully you, my readers, aren’t disappointed by this change, and I ask that you stick around to see whats in store. I’m certain it will be great!

Whoops! How to deal with failure.

Soooooo….yeah I didn’t post yesterday. I guess that’s what happens when you play League of Legends and three hours flies by. Now I could beat myself up over it, but what good would that do? Everybody deals with failure in one way or another, but feeling sorry for yourself or endlessly rehashing what might have been doesn’t get you anywhere. Failure is on of life’s less popular methods for teaching us about ourselves and how the world works. It shows us our mistakes and provides incentive to become better. No one wants to be a failure.

When I think about failure I consider it an inevitable fact that is intertwined with the process of learning. Failing causes reevaluation and study which strengthens out understanding. The fear of failure will shackle you into staying in one place and never doing anything new. One example of this is in education today. In American schools failure is something to be afraid of. You either pass the class or fail it. So getting a passing letter grade becomes more important than actually learning anything. This is the reason you have many introductory classes in college on material which should have been fully learned in high school.

So failure isn’t something to get to excited about. Learn from what you did wrong and resolve to not do it again. Worrying and looking backwards isn’t going to stop you from making mistakes so why not make them and move on? As Winston Churchill, who was an amazing orator and new a thing or two about life, said two things which are great reminders on how to think about failure.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

And as for me I will be moving on from my failure at posting yesterday carrying a valuable lesson: If writing (or anything else) is something you want to make a priority, then don’t make any excuses when doing it or let anything else get in the way.